What Will You Discover in Redondo Beach?

Posted by Marketing Manager on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 10:32am.

If you've never been to Redondo Beach and you're considering relocating, you should know what you're in for first. This beach city is found near Los Angeles as a part of the South Bay area. It offers quite a bit to the residents living within the area and is known for the pier and the food scene. Here are a few things you will find in Redondo Beach.

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Excellent Food

When you head to the Redondo Pier, you will find plenty of great restaurants serving up excellent dishes. Whether it's seafood or steak, there are always delicious items coming out of the many kitchens throughout the area. Old Tony's is one of the hot spots, along with Zeppy's Pizza. Many other great choices are also found throughout the area, as well.

Redondo Beach also offers a number of great foodie type of events throughout the year. Whether it's a festival celebrating beer or a wine tasting with excellent food, you'll find the foodie scene in the area is quite vibrant.

Plenty of Shopping

Another part of the culture in Redondo Beach is shopping. Many of the shops found at the Pier offer unique items ranging from gifts to clothing and so much more. This is a very unique area for those that enjoy shopping with stores, such as the Sunshine Kite Company, Redondo Sportswear Shop and Shark Attack.


During the year, you will discover many free concerts at the Redondo Pier. These concerts help to bring the community together and are held just about every week. Just bring your beach chair, find a spot and enjoy some great music as you relax under the stars.

Many other great attractions are found throughout Redondo Beach. The entire South Bay area is known for beach volleyball, the outdoors, excellent beaches and plenty of unique events. If you're visiting the area with hopes to relocate, make sure you check out some of the local attractions.

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