What is Redondo Beach Known for?

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As one of the three beach cities found in Lost Angeles County, California, Redondo Beach is a very popular place. It's found in the South Bay region and has a population of just under 70,000.

This part of the area was originally a part of the Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grand of 1785. Redondo Beach is most well-known for the Redondo Beach Pier and the sandy beaches.

Redondo Beach provides a place that's popular with many sports enthusiasts and tourists. The lifestyle of Redondo Beach is very attractive. This vibrant community provides a number of activities, excellent beaches and a foodie-friendly area of Los Angeles County.

Beach Volleyball

Many people hear about Redondo Beach because of the massive amount of volleyball played on the sandy beaches here. The beaches are flat here, which fits perfectly for beach volleyball. Many professional tournaments are played in the area and managed by the AVP. The neighboring beaches, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach also draw plenty of volleyball attention.

Top beach volleyball players flock to this area and Redondo Beach is home to Casey Jennings and Kerri Walsh. Along with the professionals in the area, the Redondo Recreation Indoor Men's Volleyball League, which plays on Wednesdays at Aviation Gym, is one of the top indoor leagues in the state.

The film industry is starting to gain traction in the area, as well. In 2006, the show "Medium" used a local coffee shop for shooing. The O.C. was also filming at Redondo Union High School, local parks and the Pier a few years ago. Of course, this area was also home to the very popular TV series, "Baywatch."

Some of the notable residents of the area include:

  • Paul Wise - Professional Golfer
  • Ron Artest - NBA player
  • Pau Gasol - NBA Player
  • Charles Lindenberg - Attended Redondo Union High School
  • Jesse Heiman - Actor
  • Eve Torres - Dancer and WWE performer

Many other celebrities and athletes call Redondo Beach home, as well. This area of Los Angeles County is known mostly for the beaches, the volleyball and the lifestyle.

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