The Workout Stairs At Avenue C

Posted by Greg Geilman on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 3:33pm.

Redondo Beach Stairs

Whether it’s the Culver City or Santa Monica stairs, we’re sure you’ve heard locals chattering about their workouts out there. What many people don’t know is that South Redondo Beach also has a set of stairs frequented by locals.

The steep, 72-step staircase in Redondo Beach leads down to the bike path at Avenue C and the Esplanade and is a popular destination for fitness aficionados in the South Bay.

"When it's beautiful like this, it's hard to stay away," said Drew Alvarado as he rested between sprints up the stairs one sunny weekday morning. "I'm no stranger to this place."

Alvarado is one of many who occasionally opt to run the stairs instead of spending time at the gym.  So many, in fact, that the staircase gets crowded at various times throughout the day.

Emily Baum, a piano teacher in Hermosa Beach, "(loves) the leg workout" that you "can't get" at a gym. "The Stairmaster doesn't cut it…nor does the incline ramp on a treadmill," she said.

Unlike the Culver City stairs, our local gem offers unbeatable ocean views during your workout. If you’ve thought about a stair workout and haven’t made the trek to Culver City yet, drive down to South Redondo and check out what all the locals are raving about.

Redondo Beach Stairs View

For those interested in adding a little scenery to their workouts, the stairs at Avenue C fit the bill. On her blog Fit Girl Report, personal trainer Teri Chadwick offers instructions for a high-intensity interval training routine on the "dreaded…torture stairs."

Chadwick, who grew up in Manhattan Beach but lives in Arizona, recommends warming up by walking down the access ramp beside the staircase, walking up the stairs and doing mobility exercises at the top. Once warmed up, she walks down the ramp backwards, runs to the base of the stairs, sprints up the stairs and performs a bodyweight exercise at the top. For a more detailed account of her regimen, you can read the complete post

With spring around the corner, the stairs—like the beach—are becoming more popular as the weather warms up. This won't deter enthusiasts like Drew, who said his plan is to work out there at least twice a week.

Have you had a battle with the Redondo Beach Stairs? How do you think they compare to the Santa Monica or Culver City Stairs? 

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