Some Home Improvement Projects Not Helping the Value of Your Home

Posted by Marketing Manager on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 10:37am.

If you don't plan to stay in your current home for more than a few more years, you may not want to make improvements. Some upgrades may seem like they would help the value, but they don't. Other projects may actually make it harder to sell your home. Here are a few home improvement projects to be careful about.

Costly Kitchens

You want a new kitchen because you're sick of the old cabinets and countertops. However, when you go into this type of project, you need to realize that some of the high end accessories don't help the value of your home. Too much customization within your kitchen, can actually make it harder to sell your home.

However, if you plan to live in your current home for at least ten more years, you can customize your kitchen to fit you the way you want. Those thinking about selling within five years need to stick to basic features or just let it be for now.

Adding a Garage

It seems like adding a garage would be a good way to increase the value of your home. Most homeowners adding a garage don't even get a 70% return on their investment. They actually lose money because this is an expensive improvement and doesn't pay off.


So many times people thing landscaping improves the value of their home. This is a huge myth and it doesn't matter how much cash you drop to improve the look of your yard, it won't increase the value of your home.

These are a few of the home improvement projects that don't add value. Unless you plan to live in your home for quite some time, these are not good ideas for home improvement projects.

Typically, you need to add livable space, update an old roof or update old appliances to see a return on your investment. The only one of these improvements that will show a significant difference in the value of your home is adding livable space.

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