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Posted by Marketing Manager on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 12:49pm.

If you want to enjoy one of the most interesting food events, the Chef on a Passport is for you. This is the best way to get out of the house, but into the kitchen. Unique is the only way to describe this food tour and it's like being guided by an expert.

You will discover how to shop the farmers' markets, butcher shops and gourmet cheese stores like an expert before you learn how to cook with the ingredients you found. Of course, once you've shopped and cooked, you get to sit down and enjoy your creation.

Tours start at 11:30 am at EATZ and leave for the farmers' market. This part of the tour might include stops at a mushroom vendor, local farm or cheese monger. After shopping, you return to EATZ at 1pm for the hands-on cooking portion of the tour. This lasts until 3:30, and then you get to enjoy your amazing meal.

Upcoming Tours

  • Hollywood Farmers' Market - Father's Day Special Menu on Sunday, June 9th.
  • West Hollywood Farmers' Market - Summer Market Fare Menu on Monday, June 17th.
  • Hollywood Farmers' Market - Summer Market Fare Menu on Sunday, June 23rd.

All tours are $125 and more dates will be added to the schedule very soon. Tours are limited to 10 people and you can book a tour for your small group.

Culinary Vacations

EATZ is planning to add Culinary Vacations soon, which will include cooking in Paris, the Bahamas, Rome or many other destinations. Another coming addition to the schedule is cooking cruises, which will feature the same type of experience only you will get to tour the ship's kitchen and learn about the changing cooking techniques.

Look for these changes and book your shop, cook and eat tour on the website at,

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