School is in Session and Safe Driving is Necessary

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 12:05pm.

With school starting again in the Redondo Beach area, it's important for everybody to do their part and drive safe. The right planning will ensure you make it to work or get the kids to school on time, without the need to rush and cause an accident. School busses will be on the road again and drivers need to stay alert in the morning and in the afternoon.

Safe Driving Tips from the Redondo Beach Police

The local police issued a list of tips to help keep the roads safe for students walking to school and being dropped off. The following tips are for all drivers traveling around 8am and 3pm during the week:

  • Watch for stop signs and school zone signs.
  • Avoid double parking and make sure to look for pedestrians at all times
  • Start your day a little earlier and allow a little extra time, especially for the first month of school.
  • Be aware of pick-up and drop-off locations and, if necessary, avoid these areas unless picking up or dropping off students.
  • When driving close to a school (500 to 1,000 feet), drive slowly. The speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.
  • Slow down whenever you see the flashing lights of a school bus and be prepared to stop.
  • If the school bus red lights are flashing stop and remain stopped until the lights stop flashing.
  • If riding a bike, wear a helmet and ride with traffic.

These are just a few tips to help keep the roads safe. During the early morning hours and the afternoon hours, be alert as children may be crossing the street at any time. Use caution whenever you're near a school, as well.

We can all do our part and pay attention to what is going on around us. Driving safe will help keep our children safe and make Redondo Beach a better place for everybody.

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