New Smartphone App Introduced by Redondo Beach Library

Posted by Marketing Manager on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 1:09pm.

Smartphone AppThe public library found in Redondo Beach recently introduced a new Smartphone App to the public. This app will help to make the library more accessible and put the library at the fingertips of the residents in the area.

This app will work with both android and Apple devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple stores. Users can do many things with the new library app including:

  • Check Accounts
  • Check Library Hours
  • Place a Hold on a Book
  • Download eBooks
  • Renew Books
  • And More!

With many other businesses heading to the mobile world and consumers searching more on their smartphones, the library felt this was the right direction to move. Making the library more accessible will help all residents currently using library services or planning to use these services.

One of the coolest features makes it easy to find out if the library has the book you're looking for. Imagine shopping in a bookstore, but you don't want to actually buy the book if the library has it. With this simple app, you can scan the ISBN number of the book and find out if the library has the book. This makes to make the right decision to buy the book or just reserve it at the library.

This app will also allow you to search the catalog of books without even typing in the entire book. Maybe you cannot remember the full title, but if you know the first few words, the catalog will pull up a list of books matching those words.

Of course, if you want instant access to the books you desire, you can get it through the app. Both eBooks and AudioBooks are available for download directly from the app.

As the library makes improvements, you can keep up with all news at,

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