Enjoying What Redondo Beach Offers

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 10:07am.

Redondo Beach offers more than just the sandy fun found near ocean water. This city is full of great attractions, but some of the best often become overshadowed by the beach and the ocean. Here are a few of the best forgotten attractions in the Redondo Beach area.

Redondo Beach Historical Museum

Taking a self-guided tour of the museum provides plenty of history and interesting facts about the area. The extensive collection of memorabilia, photographs, documents and artifacts from Redondo Beach will help you connect with the area better.

The museum features a gift shop with all profits donated to the preservation of history in Redondo Beach. You can enjoy the museum on Wednesdays from 10am to 1-m or on weekends from 12pm to 4pm. Private tours for groups can also be scheduled.

The museum is located at 302 Flagler Lane.

Heritage Court

Another great place to visit is found at Dominguez Park between Beryl Street and 190th Street called Heritage Court. This is a Victorian courtyard with beautiful roses, two historic homes and a fountain. The Queen Anne House and the Morell House are both found here and provides plenty of amazing architecture and history.

Aviation Park Gym

Maybe not as much an attraction as a place for recreation, the Aviation Park Gym provides plenty of options at 1935 Manhattan Beach Boulevard. This facility provides multiple gyms, a 14-acre recreation facility, locker rooms, a dance room, exercise rooms and more.

A number of programs are found here throughout the year including:

  • Youth Basketball
  • City Adult Sports Leagues
  • Junior High Dances
  • Youth Volleyball
  • Recreation Classes
  • Fitness Programs
  • And More!

The small and the large gym are available for rent for private events, as well.

Along with the gyms, the facility provides a track & field facility with lights. This facility is used for city, private and public events and was resurfaced in 2008. It provides a five-lane running track, regulation football field, regulation soccer field and more.

These are just a few of the often overlooked attractions found throughout the Redondo Beach area.

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