Discovering the Beach Lifestyle of the West Coast

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 8:50am.

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Moving to the west coast offers the opportunity to become a part of the famous beach lifestyle of California. Redondo Beach offers the type of lifestyle many seek. This area of California is found near Los Angeles and provides wide sand beaches and a very popular attraction called the Redondo Pier.

Along with the Pier and the beaches, the area is also known for The Strand. This is a paved path that runs from Torrance Beach to South Redondo and north to Hermosa Beach, through Manhattan Beach and ends in Santa Monica. The Strand will see thousands of people on their bikes, skateboards, pushing strollers, roller blading or just walking, on any given day.

The only area where this pat is broken is where the Redondo Beach King Harbor Marina and Pier are found. At this point, The Strand becomes a part of the surface streets for about a mile before it becomes a path again in Hermosa Beach.


One of the keys to living the beach lifestyle is surfing. Many residents of Redondo Beach surf year-round and enjoy the action of catching waves throughout the holidays. Some of the largest waves reported in this part of California have been over 15 feet tall.


Another huge part of the beach culture is beach volleyball. All of South Bay is known for volleyball and Redondo Beach often hosts professional tournaments on their wide and flat sand beaches. Along with the tournaments, there are plenty of recreational leagues and pick-up games throughout the area.

Of course, the beach lifestyle isn't complete without living in an area that has been featured on at least one TV show. Redondo Beach was used in 2006 for the show "Medium" ad was also used multiple times for the show "The O.C." Along with these two shows, the actual beach was also used in "Baywatch".

If you want to experience the beach lifestyle California has to offer, Redondo Beach provides just what you're after. This area of South Bay is a very popular area for outdoor activities or just hanging out by the Pier.

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