City Plans to Rename Artesia Boulevard Soon

Posted by Marketing Manager on Monday, December 16th, 2013 at 8:18pm.

Redondo Beach has scheduled two meetings for those in the community wanting to provide comments and opinions about the proposal to rename Artesia Boulevard. The name change would make it Redondo Beach Boulevard, instead.

These meetings will help to gauge the community’s thoughts when it comes to the name change. Both meetings are planned to be held at the North Branch Library.

Redondo Beach Boulevard isn't a new name, but a name of a street that currently ends when it reaches the South Bay Galleria. Artesia Boulevard and Redondo Beach Boulevard currently intersect and at this intersection, the name change would take place.

This name change was proposed over two years ago by Councilman Pat Aust. He believes it would "restore" the name to Artesia Boulevard. This street was renamed when Caltrans were the owners of the road with the intention of extending the 91 freeway. However, the boulevard was given back to the city years ago.

Part of the goal with the name change is revitalizing the Artesia Corridor. Its part of a three-year plan the city has in place. The North Redondo Beach Business Association is a bit proponent of the name change, as well.

Director of Redondo Beach Public Works, Mike Witzansky, believes the name change will allow a rebranding to take place. He also believes it will help with regional visibility and the businesses in the area.

The next step for the city is to gather information from the community. With meetings scheduled to get the communities perspective, the city plans to move forward with the decision quickly. It's possible, the name change could happen in early 2014.

The meetings are scheduled for December 16th at the North Branch Library. Those unable to attend can call the city manager's offer and give their feedback about the name change.

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