Childproofing Your New Redondo Beach Home Post Move-In

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 at 11:36pm.

So you just purchased a fabulous new home and life couldn’t be better, right? Buying a home in Redondo Beach, or anywhere in the South Bay area for that matter, is supposed to be fun and exciting, so don’t let an accident or injury spoil your new home buying experience.

If you already have kids, chances are some safety measures were already implemented at your old home. But as you prepare for a new chapter in your life, it’s important not to overlook or put off childproofing your new home the second you move in, because with most young kids, the first thing they’ll want to do in a new place is explore every nook and cranny they can reach.

According to most statistics, household injuries are one of the top reasons children under 3 visit the emergency room, and although accidents with kids are bound to happen at some point, there are obvious preventive steps you can (and should) take in order to keep your little ones as safe as possible while you’re at home.

Don't Forget to Childproof Your New Home in Redondo Beach

1) Don't pile up the boxes too high.

In many instances, the primary goal during a move is to just get everything inside and unpack later. And although that logic does make sense, it’s important to remember not to stack your boxes up too high. Heavy boxes tumbling down onto a you child is a recipe for disaster. Or worse.

2) Install Electrical Outlet Protectors

Protect your little ones against electric shocks by installing outlet protectors throughout your ENTIRE HOME. Kids like to explore and if there's an outlet without a protector installed, chances are they'll find it.

3) Pay Extra Close Attention To The Bathroom

Chances are we’ve all has a slip or a close call in the bathroom at some point. But because children are MUCH more prone to accidents, don’t forget to throw down some anti slip mats in the tub and on the floor the second you move in. Mats are inexpensive and require no installation whatsoever, so there’s no excuse to overlook this crucial safety measure. Oh, and while you're at it, make sure the medicine cabinet is always closed and completely out of reach if possible too!

4) Securing The Most Dangerous Room In The House: The Kitchen

While some might feel the bathroom can be more hazardous with the bathtub, sink, toilet, and various other fixtures that can pose a possible threat, at least you can close off the bathroom when it’s not in use. The kitchen on the other hand is open and easily accessible by design, so make sure all the sharp utensils are ALWAYS put away properly and that protective knobs have been installed on the stove so the gas or a possible open flame can’t accidentally be turned on. Also, because people often store lots of cleaning supplies and products in the kitchen as well, making sure latches have been installed on certain cupboards is also HIGHLY recommended.

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